A Room Away from the Wolves


This is the official pre-order campaign for A Room Away from the Wolves, my new novel releasing September 4 from Algonquin Young Readers!

If you pre-order the book and send in your receipt via this form, I will send you the following (while supplies last):

  • 8×10″ art print with a quote from A Room Away from the Wolves
  • 5×3″ sticker with a quote from A Room Away from the Wolves
  • signed and personalized “Property of Catherine House” bookplate

Keep reading to learn more about these prizes, how to enter via email, and special grand prizes!


All pre-orders get 1 art print, 1 sticker, and 1 signed bookplate. 

(Please note: Giveaway is open in the US and US territories only. Entries will be accepted so long as supplies last up through 11:59 p.m. Eastern on September 3. You can pre-order the hardcover or the ebook, your choice.)

ART PRINT: The 8×10″ art print comes in three versions, and while supplies last, you can choose the quote that most speaks to you. These are beautiful, glossy, and begging to be hung on your wall.

STICKER: The 5×3″ sticker is sleek and shiny and says “I’d never met a better liar, or a girl I admired more.” Who could that quote be about? Read the book and find out! Here is a photo of the sticker on my notebook:

BOOKPLATE: This “Property of Catherine House” bookplate will be signed by me and can be personalized! You can stick this bookplate into your pre-ordered copy of A Room Away from the Wolves. What is the significance of Catherine House? You’ll know once you read the book!


Look at these hardcovers! The book jacket glimmers and gleams, it’s so beautiful! This photo barely does it justice.

If you’ve already pre-ordered, great! Dig up that receipt and show me following the directions below. If you still need to pre-order, try your local indie bookstore or one of these links:


There are two ways to enter this pre-order giveaway! By email or by filling out a form.

GOOGLE FORM: You will be asked to upload a photo or screenshot of your receipt.

OR, TO ENTER VIA EMAIL, please email a photo or screenshot of your receipt and tell me the following:

  • Your name and mailing address (US and US territories only)
  • Which quote speaks to you the most for the art print (while supplies last; if none is specified I choose for you)
  • And who you would like the bookplate personalized to (if no one is specified, it will be signature only)
  • You must include a photo or screenshot of your receipt or the entry is not valid. I won’t reply to remind you of this; I’ll just ignore the entry.


Everyone who enters the pre-order giveaway is entered to win one of the grand prizes. But if you don’t pre-order the book, you can still enter to win one of two grand prizes! Keep reading to learn how.

The grand prizes are…

Grand Prize #1: All My YA Books Are Yours. This prize pack includes signed & personalized paperback editions of my YA novels: Imaginary Girls, 17 & Gone, The Walls Around Us. Plus a fire opal pendant in blue to wear while reading A Room Away from the Wolves. (The opal is important… read the book to see why.)

Grand Prize #2: Beautiful Blurber Set. A collection of some of my favorite books from the five incredible writers who blurbed A Room Away from the Wolves. This prize pack includes: All the Rage by Courtney Summers (paperback), The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan (hardcover), Bone Gap by Laura Ruby (paperback), Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link (paperback), and What Girls Are Made Of by Elana K. Arnold (hardcover). The books are not signed by the authors, but they come with my love and admiration.


If you didn’t enter the pre-order campaign, you can still enter the grand-prize sweepstakes. Just mail me a postcard (or letter) and tell me your favorite ghost story—it can be one you’ve experienced or one you’ve heard about. Mail your postcards to:

Nova Ren Suma
PO Box 22590
Philadelphia, PA 19110-2590

Please include a name and email address on your postcard. Postcard entries will be accepted with postmarks up through September 3, 2018.

This giveaway runs while supplies last, so pre-order ASAP if you want the gorgeous art print, sticker, and bookplate! Enter the pre-order giveaway here! Thank you for wanting to read A Room Away from the Wolves