Fiction Reading January 25

I’ll be taking part in the Tandem Reading Series at the Cell Theatre in New York City on Sunday, January 25:

Stories from the Edge

Fiction readings by Helen Phillips, winner of this year’s Italo Calvino prize; Jennifer Sears recounting desperate dancing in Brighton Beach; Nova Ren Suma on teenage runaways and runaway astronauts; and Dika Lam reading about two Chinese Canadian sisters and a chunk of meat.

Where: The Cell Theatre, 338 W 23rd Street, New York NY

When: Sunday, January 25, 2009, 5pm-7pm

$5 cover charge

There will be refreshments afterward (chips and wine).

Organized by Karen Heuler and Wah-Ming Chang

(This reading is adult fiction—it’s not YA. I’ll be reading an excerpt from a short story stolen from what was once a novel for adults. Nervous and excited, both!)