My new YA novel A Room Away from the Wolves comes out September 4, 2018, from Algonquin Young Readers. I’m available for appearances, speaking engagements, writing workshops, and school visits for Fall 2018 and beyond. Please get in touch!

You are welcome to email me directly here:

Write me here:
PO Box 22590
Philadelphia, PA 19110-2590

For blurb requests and rights inquiries, please contact my literary agent:
Michael Bourret
Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC
Email my agent:

For events and appearances and other publicity requests, please contact my publicist:
Jackie Burke
Publicity Manager, Algonquin and Algonquin Young Readers
Email my publicist:

To request an advance reading copy of A Room Away from the Wolves, please contact Algonquin Young Readers directly.

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