Figment Recommended Book of the Week

Imaginary Girls was the Recommended Book of the Week on Figment this past week! 

I loved their wonderful spoiler-free review of Imaginary Girls, and especially this part:

You will like this book if you:
  • Have a sister who’s super nice and charming and everything, but also possibly implicated in the death of a classmate.
  • Weren’t convinced by Jaws to stay away from large bodies of water and need a little more motivation.
  • Like a book that keeps you guessing.
You will not like this book if you:
  • Can’t handle a few nightmares featuring you in a watery grave.

Thank you, Figment!

And after I saw this recommendation, I was excited to get an invitation to join Figment as an author, so if you’re on Figment, look for my author page here: