Blog News

Some of you visiting this site may already know this, but to anyone who doesn’t: I keep a writing blog called distraction no. 99, and I’ve been expanding it with new and exciting features lately…

I’m now running a blog series on the theme of Turning Points, where I’m asking authors (mostly YA authors, but not always!) to reveal the turning points in their writing careers that led them to where they are today. So far the blog series has featured Gayle FormanSean FerrellEileen CookChristopher BarzakSaundra MitchellEric LuperGretchen McNeil, and Julia DeVillers—and there will be three new posts a week into March. Oh, and many of the posts include giveaways!

And in this interview on Through the Tollbooth, I talk about how my blog has evolved over the years—and about self-marketing by blogging. Check it out and comment if you have advice!