I don’t know if you’ve been following the launch of the utterly awesome new online publication for teenage girls founded by Tavi Gevinson… It’s called ROOKIE. Well, I have. I think it’s so brilliant and inspiring and creative and everything I would have surely devoured as a teenager. So imagine my excitement when I saw my own book mentioned on ROOKIE!

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Here, check out what ROOKIE said about Imaginary Girls in its October roundup of spooky books. As a fan of Francesca Lia Block, I especially love this line:

“…A story of sisterhood and secrecy set in a nightmarish New England version of Weetzie Bat’s Los Angeles, full of delicious food, gorgeous imagery, and a very blurry line between reality and magic.”

Thank you so much for featuring Imaginary GirlsROOKIE!

And if you aren’t following ROOKIE yet, you must. It’s beyond amazing.