Photos from Recent Events

I finished up a few fall appearances and want to thank the bookstores and library that hosted me for recent events…

Dolphin Bookshop, Port Washington, New York

What a beautiful indie bookstore near the water on Long Island!

The event was called "Falling Apart and Picking Up the Pieces: Why We Write" and featured seven authors giving 90-second reads of our novels in themed rounds. So much fun!


Here we are after THREE HOURS of reading (don't worry—there were rounds and we mingled in between). From left: Gae Polisner, Christopher Grant, Léna Roy, me, Michael Northrop, Arlaina Tibensky, and Matt Blackstone. Realization: I am short.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Dolphin, to all the teens and everyone who showed up, and to the teachers who gave extra credit to their students for coming to our reading!

Inquiring Mind Bookstore, Saugerties, New York

This wonderful indie bookstore is in the town where I went to kindergarten! How cool to come back and read from a book I wrote.

Thank you to Ed Doyle for this photo!


I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo with the other author featured at this event, Susannah Appelbaum! Thank you to Susannah and to everyone at Inquiring Mind for inviting me to come for an event and hosting a great afternoon.

Huntington Public Library, Huntington, New York

This poster is missing the amazing Christopher Grant, our fifth author, since he was a late add.

Here we are after we finished our rounds of 90-second themed readings... with teens in charge of the bell to ding us out if we ran over! From left: Matt Blackstone, Christopher Grant, me, Gae Polisner, and Selene Castrovilla.

Thank you to the library for hosting us—and to the friends of the library for helping and to everyone who came to see us! Special thanks to the teens who ran the bell… and dinged me out (only once!).