The #1 Spring 2015 Kids’ Indie Next Pick!

Amazing news. Seriously amazing. The Walls Around Us is the #1 Kids’ Indie Next Pick for Spring 2015! Yes, I actually typed #1 (still can’t believe it! so thrilled!)… 

Spring 2015 Indie Next

The books on the seasonal Indie Next List are nominated by independent booksellers from all over the country, and not only did my new book The Walls Around Us make the Top Ten list out of all children’s, middle-grade, and YA books released in all of Spring 2015… it was the #1 pick! From out of all those books!

(You can tell I’m still reeling!)

The full Indie Next List for Spring 2015 was released today, and it’s filled with some wonderful books… I’m in amazing company.

Here is what one of the nominating indie booksellers said about my book (!):

The Walls Around Us shares the stories of two very different girls—Amber, imprisoned for a terrible crime for so long that she can’t remember what the world outside is like, and Violet, a Juilliard-bound dancer with a dark and terrible secret that threatens her at every turn. A third girl, Orianna, connects Amber and Violet in ways that none of them understand and that may be the key to setting everyone free. This deep, tense mystery spurs the reader on at every turn, leading down long, winding tunnels of regret and self-loathing, threatening to expose the characters’ most private selves, and keeping the pages turning late into the night. This is a gripping tale of what ambition can make friends do for—and to—each other.” —Emily Hall, Main Street Books, St. Charles, MO 

I am stunned beyond measure. Thank you to every single one of the independent booksellers who nominated The Walls Around Us for this incredible honor.